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Beijing Carbon Century Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Carbon Century Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in graphene macro preparation technology and the R&D and technical services of its downstream application technology. At the beginning of 2007, under the leadership of the founder Liqun Yan, the technical team concentrated on the research of graphene macro preparation and application technology. In 2013, Beijing Century Carbon was founded. Beijing Century Carbon has been identified by the ISO9001 , ISO14001 certification, and passed the identification of high-tech enterprise. Our company has launched the research and development of 23 application technologies in 16 areas, and initially formed 4 technologies converted into industrial production. So far, our company has more than 20 proprietary intellectual property rights. We established the holding companies in Changzhou, Wuxi respectively.

World leader in graphene macro preparation technology:

Beijing Century Carbons main productions are dry power and dispersion liquid of graphene and graphene oxide. The sizes of production range from 50 mesh to 10000 mesh which achieves customizations according to different applications. At present, we have completed the pilot line and test line, and the total annual output can be up to 2.5 tons.

The great discovery of human---the phenomenon of graphene direct light propulsion:

In June 7, 2015, Beijing Century Carbon released a demo video in youku video site that the graphene under vacuum conditions produced the phenomenon of direct light propulsion. This is the first time in human history to achieve that the light can act upon the macro objects to generate power and overcome the gravity to move. It marks that the graphene material will become a new source of power. This technology can be applied in planetary exploration and satellite orbit maneuver with providing endless power.

The worlds first industrial graphene application product:

Tanwei developed and prepared by Beijing Century Carbon is a graphene engine oil energy saving modifier. We have carried out 990 thousand kilometer actual road test , and Tsinghua and other test institutions also verified Tanwei. It proves that Tanwei can improve oil power, reduce the vibration and noise, clean engine, reduce the emission of exhaust pollutants, save fuel, extend engine life and maintenance cycle.

Company address: 3/F, NO.16 building, 6 District, South Fourth Ring Rd West 188, Fengtai District, Beijing City, China

TEL: 010-63782201/60687910

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