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We Need You:
The new generation of lubrication oil friction modifier —TanWei is about to open market. Now we are looking for local agent (South China, north China, central China, northeast China). If you are interesting, CCT welcome to everyone on board.
1. Independent legal unit, have local legal sales permission, can provide all the legal certification documents.
2. Has stabilized financial strength and capacity
3. With good credit and comprehensive information channel, good eye on brand development and market operation abilities.
4. Strictly follow the price system and offer market deposit.
5. Accept Tanwei product’s training and assessment. Provide customer service.
6. Propose a detailed marketing plan on targeting regions, including a comprehensive introduction of the agents.

Tel: 400-0303-227
Cell: 135-0110-3855
Hours:  Mon – Fri 9:00-17:30
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