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一、The performance and major index of products

The major performance is to improve power, reduce friction, save fuel, reduce noise and emissions. The index is to improve 5% power and save fuel 7%-10% on the average.

二、Technology and mechanism

American Argonne National Laboratory carried on systematic friction tests about graphene. They added the small amounts of graphene-containing ethanol solution into the sliding steel surfaces. With the relation motion between the contacts surfaces, graphene will be uniformly and firmly attached to the entire surface. The graphene forms a conformal protective coating on the sliding contact interfaces. The solution-processed graphene decreases wear by almost 4 orders of magnitude and friction coefficients by a factor of 6. Disperse the graphene whose surface is modified in base oil or compound additives of lubricant. Finally produce an energy saving and wear-resistant modifier which can improve the quality of lubricant.

When the modifier effective mileage is above 500km, we observe the engine bearing under the electron microscope, but find none harmful wear and tear. We also find that graphene forms a protective coating and nano spheres on the friction surface of the engine bearing that can make sliding friction convert into rolling friction, reducing friction loss greatly.

三、 The problems to be solved

Explore the downstream products, achieve the industrial application of graphene, and promote the use of energy saving modifier of engine oil in the round. The benefits are as follows:

1. Reduce friction loss, and prolong the service life of engine.

2. Extend maintenance mileage.

3. Improve the fuel efficiency and save energy. Make the limited oil resource be utilized fully.

4. Reduce the cost of kinds of vehicles.

5. Reduce the amount of fuel used in cars means reducing environmental pollution.

6. In terms of national security, it can ease the pressure on oil imports.

四、Achievement and advantage

1. Modifier

2. The products of energy-saving modifier have been put into production and on sale.

3. Form a number of invention patents.

4. Promote the formation of the relevant field on the standardization of enterprise

5. Transferable achievements are as follows:

The advantages on the cost: graphene has achieved industrial production which greatly reduces the cost of the modifier.

The application effects: Carbon Century has carried out a total of 990 thousand kilometers of the actual road test for 2 years, including 7 cars, 3 medium-sized cars and 14 heavy lorries. The following data comes from the currently being operated long-distance freight vehicles whose mileage is at least 3 months or 60 thousand kilometers. The data is recognized by the drivers and users.

Based on the analysis and arrangement of the data, we can draw the following conclusions:

(1) The dynamic performance of all the vehicles in the tests is improved.

(2) The diesel vehicles save 10% fuel on the average.

(3) The gasoline vehicles save 7.8% fuel on the average.

Compare apples to apples: compared with lubricants abroad, our products not only reduce the wear, improve the engine power, prolong the service life of engine, but also save fuel 7%-8%, reduce exhaust emissions. Its lubricating amount of fuel is far higher than other brands.