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the device of direct light propulsion


the device of direct light propulsion

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一、 Technology and mechanism

1) Macroscopic production techniques of graphene

Carbon Century owns unique macroscopic preparation techniques of graphene. We ensure that the thickness of graphene is single carbon atom, and the size of the graphene is controllable.

It is the graphene whose thickness is single carbon atom that can produce the phenomenon of direct light propulsion.

2) Areogels techniques of graphene

3) The demonstration device technology of direct light propulsion of graphene

Through trial and error, we designed the vacuum tube, controlled the vacuum degree and the size of graphene ball, as well as controlled the light source. Carbon Century developed the portable demonstration device of direct light propulsion of graphene.

二、 The implication of research

Carbon Century discovered that graphene could move up under vacuum environment when it receives light.

This project is to study how graphene move in a vacuum environment, and then how to explain the principle of this occurrence and the application of this technique.

三、Achievement and advantage

1. The demonstration device of direct light propulsion of graphene can be used as the teaching aids and toys which give a vivid specification about the phenomenon of optical levitation.

2. Graphene can be used as driving device material in a space shuttle. The technology of direct light propulsion of graphene can make the space shuttle achieve sustained flight and orbit maneuver without fuels.

四、Application prospect

Graphene can make light energy convert to kinetic energy, marking that the graphene materials will become a new source of power which is higher than that produced by light pressure. Grphene materials can provide endless power for interplanetary exploration and orbit maneuver of satellite. This phenomenon was first observed by Chinese people. Related experts believed that this significant discovery opened another door for human beings to explore the unknown world.